Training at Berlin Opera Academy

European summer opera program for emerging artists

A typical day at BOA

10:00-12:00 German Language Class: Monday-Friday, Beginner & Intermediate German language courses with a specific focus on auditioning.

13:00-14:00 Movement for Singers: Monday-Friday, a movement course highlighting the value of body connection specially formulated for singers.

14:00-17:00 & 18:00-21:00 Production Rehearsals: Intensive staging and musical rehearsals for festival productions. Schedules are given daily for the next day's rehearsals, reflecting the practice of a professional theater in Germany.

Agent Auditions: Receive constructive, individualized feedback from reputable agents, learn how to present yourself at a German audition and how to get hired

Roundtable Discussions & Workshops: Group roundtable and workshop topics include: YAPS, German universities, applying for employment visas, agent auditions, acting, self-promotion and career mentorship.

Individual Coachings: Scheduled parallel to rehearsals, BOA singers work individually with faculty and visiting professors to develop their audition package arias, languages, interpretation and artistry and operate with an open door policy.

Masterclasses: Scheduled nearly every day, world class singers, teachers, directors and agents give guidance on vocal technique, aria presentation and successful auditioning.

Opera Studio Konzert: BOA hosts a formal Opera Studio Konzert Series in Berlin where singers showcase their favorite arias.

Lieder Abend: BOA studios transform into an intimate music salon setting for an internal concert among friends for singers to explore art song, musicals, lieder and mélodie.

All elements of the academy may be subject to adjustment per the requests of faculty and facility availability.


BOA Singers & Apprentices prepare four fully-staged operas and a public concert series in the context of the Opernfest summer opera festival. The festival presents traditional operas in unique Berlin spaces, challenging the relationship between performer and audience.

BOA Locations

All rehearsals, classes, workshops and auditions are located at Musikschule Köpenick, Friends of Joseph Schmidt, Freiheit 15, 12555 within one of Berlin's most beloved quarters. Our offseason business address is Niersteiner Strasse 5, 14193. Enjoy local cafes and strolls along the river between rehearsals to practice your German and soak in the local culture.


BOA artists live in single and shared apartments near BOA rehearsal studios. Experience life as a Berliner and visit local restaurants, bars, museums, theaters and Berlin's three world class opera houses.