Carla Cottini - Soprano

"It was an amazing real world experience. [The director] treated us probably the same way he treats the singers at the Theatre, asked us to put ourselves completely into new ideas and really made my brain and my instincts work a lot. I would love to work with him again. Definitely."

Katie Castro - Soprano

Overall I had a great experience and I would happily do it again. I learned a lot, but I also feel like I have a clear idea of what I need to work on when I get back home!

Jessica Harris - Soprano

Thank you! I loved the whole experience. Suggested improvements were literally tiny things that I had to think really hard to even come up with, if the program stays exactly as is it is fabulous. Everyone working there is so lovely & helpful. I’ve come away absolutely inspired. Thank you!

Rozanna Madylus - mezzo-soprano

I was, however, blown away by the outstanding level of teaching and will be most definitely recommending BOA to other young singers.

Christopher Hochstuhl - Tenor

Thank you!! BOA is awesome, and I feel I now realistically have the tools and knowledge to peruse a career in Germany in the future. Priceless experience. Thank you!

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