Orchestral Program

Berlin Opera Academy is introducing its pilot orchestral season for the opera L'incoronazione di Poppea. Successful applicants for the position will join the academy between August 12-30th and perform under the direction of esteemed conductor Peter Leonard. Our goal is for orchestral musicians eager to gain experience is a professional environment with an educational focus with a modernized and integrated setting of the opera. Our unique performance venues encourage increased audience contact and awareness. Our musicians will gain exposure to active professionals and be guided in developing the skills they need to thrive in the professional world. Our orchestral musicians will participate under full scholarship in a tuition free environment, responsible only for their housing costs in this first session. We will provide assistance coordinating housing to those who need it. Participants are welcome and encouraged to attend language classes, masterclasses, and all activities hosted by BOA.

For musicians who demonstrate exceptional capabilities, the Berlin Opera Academy both directly and through other parties, supports and finds future employment opportunities.

1. Submit the following application documents to berlinoperaacademy@gmail.com by our application deadline July 1st, 2018

• Resume

• 2 recordings displaying musicianship and orchestral aptitude